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Sken.io watches for you:
Job opportunities Sales opportunities Price changes News Events availability Product availability Releases Competitors and much more

Sken.io Best renders

The most advanced tool
for change detection

No more incorrect rendering of the website with change detection! With sken.io your jobs run without incorrect rendering. We have developed completely new the most advanced tool for change detection. Try sken.io now!
Diamond perfection
The best renderings in the world!
Correct renders with diamond's perfection
Sken.io Pick element
Sken.io Select area

Select area
Pick element
on any website

Choose Select Area, and your area will always be monitored
in the same place.
Choose Pick Element, and your selected element will be
monitored even when it changes position on the web.
Sken.io Chrome extension

Chrome extension
Quick and Easy anytime!

With sken.io Chrome extension setting up a monitoring job is really easy!
Just few clicks and you will never miss any change on the web! Try sken.io Chrome Extension - installation takes just a few seconds!
Better experience and easy to use!
Sken.io Cloud service

Cloud monitoring tool
Mobile App and Chrome Extension!

All data is stored in our cloud ecosystem and is fully synchronized with our mobile application and chrome extension.
Sken.io Time scheduler

Advanced time scheduler
Checks exactly when you
really need it!

The fully customizable scheduler runs checks for you exactly when you want! Just click on the hour for the particular day and choose the frequency of checks. Could it be even better? You will love it!
Sken.io Delete elements

Remove elements
Bye-bye popup windows

Is there any element which is blocking or hiding the content you want? Just delete it!
Nothing stops you from picking
the exact element you want!
Sken.io Chart preview.

Chart preview!
Changes to numbers shown
in the chart

Price detection? Count of the products in Stock? It could be whatever! Changes of numerical values can be displayed even in cool chart!
Sken.io Mobile application

Sken.io mobile application
Notification in the mobile app, not in your e-mail inbox!

What if you don't like it when your email inbox is full of notification emails? Stop it!
Download the sken.io mobile application (so far only for Android) and get your notifications delivered directly to your mobile. Leave you the email inbox for emails. Email notifications are also supported.
Want to be notified about changes by mobile phone?
Get sken.io mobile app on Google Play Store!

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