Monitor availability of COVID-19 vaccine

Due to the ongoing vaccination of COVID-19 lot of healthcare or drugstore websites inform their visitors where and how they can get their vaccine shot. The process of tracking a vaccine appointment can be stressful because people have to repetitively check websites for a free vaccination slot. service can be handy during this process because it can keep tracking these websites for you, so you don't have to. When the website changes its content due to a change (eg. due to a change in vaccine availability), will notify you by e-mail with a link to the website, so you are able to make an appointment shortly.

We bring a step-by-step example tutorial of setting up a monitoring job of one of the vaccination websites.

Set up monitoring to track vaccine availability


Step 1: The website in the example we would like to track is Visit the homepage, copy the URL address and click on the Go button.


Step 2: After a few seconds, the website will be loaded and we can select the area of our interest. In our example, we select only the part containing information about vaccine availability.


Step 3: On the bottom of the loaded website choose a tracking frequency: once per day, every hour or set up a custom schedule. Then click the Confirm selection button.


Step 4: Type your email address where you will be notified about the change. Choose a name for your tracking job and set the password for future management. Confirm our Terms Of Service, Privacy Policy and click on the Start monitoring button.


Step 5: Very well. You have successfully set up your tracking job. After you set up your first monitoring job you get access to the dashboard where you can manage all your jobs. Just sign-in with your email and password, you entered during the job creation.


You can repeat this process for as many websites as you want. If you run out of your free checks please visit our pricing page or contact us at