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What began as a personal project is now being used by thousands worldwide. We are delighted that this service is making a difference for so many people.

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Hundreds of use-cases

Automate repetitive tasks and save your precious time. dog decoration
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Competitive monitoring

Stay ahead of the game by monitoring your competitors' websites and staying informed about their ongoing projects.

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Price changes

Never miss a bargain. Be the pioneer in purchasing products at rock-bottom prices.

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Job offers

Never miss your dream job. Get notified when your ideal company posts new job openings.

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Product availability

Stay on top of product releases. Our service ensures you never miss what you're awaiting.

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Media monitoring

Stay informed with ease. Receive notifications when your favorite media portals publish new articles.

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Law compliance changes

Your legal watchdog. Be informed about critical legislative changes for your business.

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Website error changes

Ensure a flawless online presence. Check your website's condition for errors and issues.

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You name it

Versatility in action: Our service offers solutions for hundreds of business scenarios.


Streamline Change Analysis

Easely Compare
Detected Changes

Simplify the process of evaluating changes using our compare feature. It offers a visual representation, instantly highlighting altered areas. Additionally, you can keep a record of up to 12 snapshots per monitoring task, providing you with a comprehensive history for reference and analysis. Make monitoring a breeze and stay well-informed.

Alerts at Your Fingertips

Receive Notifications
Anywhere, Anytime.

Discover the flexibility of our notification services, designed with your convenience in mind. With us, you're in control. Whether you prefer the comprehensive nature of emails, the real-time responsiveness of mobile push notifications, or the directness of SMS messages, our platform accommodates your communication style effortlessly.

Manage Monitoring Decoration
Manage Monitoring Decoration

Master Your Monitoring

Effortlessly Manage All Your Monitoring Tasks and Stay Organized.

Simplify your workload with our intuitive user interface, designed to streamline the management of numerous monitoring tasks. Organize, categorize, and filter tasks with ease, ensuring that you stay in control of your monitoring projects. With these powerful features, you can efficiently manage and track various aspects of your business or operations.


Hear What Our Users Have to Say.

“This monitoring service is a breeze to use. It simply does what it should, and the pricing is so affordable. Highly recommended!”

“I've been using this website monitoring service for a while now, and I'm extremely impressed. Whenever there's a change on the websites I track, I receive notifications promptly. Perfect for my small business!”

“I've tried various website monitoring tools, but this one stands out. It's remarkably easy to set up, and I appreciate how it quietly works in
the background.“

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